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Our Impact

Our Environmental Commitment

Ninth and Pine is committed to the following practices:

  • Carry products that are safe, natural & non-toxic
  • Carry products that can be reused, recycled, or composted at end-life
  • Carry products produced in an ethical, fair-trade environment that honors human rights
  • Sell products connected to helping environmental needs and social justice  
  • Support independent businesses
  • Minimize our footprint

Giving Back 

As a scientist and professional educator, I know education about and exposure to the natural world and its issues is important to develop an understanding and a connection to nature. 

Ninth & Pine believes strongly in doing our part and contributing to environmental education and rehabilitation efforts both financially and through personal service. Proceeds from various identified products from our shop are donated to causes dealing with ocean health and other specifically identified environmental causes. In addition, we will proudly continue providing educational opportunities and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.