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Walnut Wood Flower Essential Oil Diffuser

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A simple artisan wood piece that naturally absorbs and diffuses essential oil and aroma without water or electricity. This great little piece has a magnetized clip added to the back to clip onto a vent in your vehicle or anyplace else in your home, travel, tent or workspace you'd like.



  • 100% wood: Walnut; wood will be nurtured by essential oils over time
  • pocket-sized: travel-friendly and can be used to create a space of serenity in your vehicle, hotel, work space or wherever else you may want
  • long-lasting: release aroma and benefits of essential oil for 6-12 hours


If magnetized, clip magnetic hook to a vent in your vehicle; Remove wood flower; Drop essential oil or oils directly onto the wood and then reattach to magnetic clip or set onto a desk or table side without the clip. If not magnetized, just drop on your essential oils and set nearby. Enjoy!

Note: Oils will spread throughout the wood, including the bottom and backside. Do not set wood diffuser directly onto fabric or allow wood to touch fabric upholstery or any surface that would soak up or stain from oil. 

Use with essential oil of choice for different benefits. One of our favorite energizing blends is 2 drops each of essential oils of grapefruit, orange, lavender and peppermint. 


Avoid contact with water to prevent swelling, cracking and splitting of wood.  Essential oils will keep wood conditioned. 

HINT: I have one in my car, on my work desk and on my nightstand. When I stay overnight anywhere, I pull the one from my car off its magnetic clip and carry it inside to use on the bedside table. I have a small tin of essential oils always packed and ready to go in my overnight bag. 


SHIPS FROM Washington State, U. S. A.