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Round Scrub Brush,  Kitchen Brush - Ninth & Pine

Round Scrub Brush | Veggie, Kitchen or Cleaning Scrub Brush

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This circular shaped handle scrub brush is perfect for holding and scrubbing your garden veggies or getting hard to reach places of pots and pans. It’s even great for the corners around your bathtub or shower or sink…! Whichever you decide to use this circular scrub brush for, it will work well for you. 



  • Bamboo Circular-shaped brush
  • Sisal plant fiber bristles
  • 1” long bristles
  • 1.5” wide handle
  • 3” handle diameter
  • Multi-tasker
  • Great for Scrubbing Veggies
  • Great for Cleaning
  • Plant-Based


SHIPS FROM Washington State, Pacific NW, USA