Our Story

Welcome to Ninth & Pine!

I’m Laura, an experienced K – 8 educator, scientist, wife, mother of three, grandmother of six, and the owner of Ninth & Pine. We are a small family run business located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Ninth & Pine is committed to offering natural products that are good for you and good for our planet. We have limited or eliminated plastic, as well as other toxic ingredients, to help our environment, especially our suffering oceans. Our hope is to offer products that help others along their journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Our quality products are eco-friendly and made from such materials as sustainably forested wood, organic cotton, wool, bamboo, silk, and linen, as well as non-toxic dyes or inks and safe personal care and home care products! Each product’s environmental impact is considered during it’s growth, collection, processing and end of life compostability.


Contact Us

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments or suggestions by sending an email to hello@ninthandpine.com and visit our sister store, Alder and Alouette, for a wider selection of sustainable, natural children's products. Or use our social media links in the footer of this page to message us directly (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest).

We hope you find something you love in our store and in nature.

Live Green and Love Life.


Laura Lowe, Owner of Ninth & Pine