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Baby Bolga Basket for Gathering, Decor, Organization and so much more

Baby Bolga Basket for Gathering, Decor, Organization and so much more

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Do you dream of or love having a home full of natural products? We’ve found this little gathering basket to be a huge contributor to the natural home and natural lifestyle.

For Foraging and Gathering

These handmade Baby Bolga Baskets are a favorite of children and adults alike. Some things we’ve discovered this pretty basket is useful for are foraging for and gathering berries, herbs, mushrooms, flowers, greenery, pine cones, sea shells and other nature treasures.

For Storage and Decor

They are great for toy storage and art supply storage and we’ve even set a jar of water inside ours and used it to hold flowers on our granddaughter’s dresser and our breakfast table, and it was beautiful. 

For Kitchen, Bath and Family Room

I have one in my kitchen full of all my wooden cooking spoons and my friend keeps one in her bathroom wit’s rolled up guest hand towels next to her sink. She has a second similar one in her family room full of woven coasters to protect her furniture from her children and husband! 

For Playtime, Picnics,Trips and Holidays

Our grandchildren have also used the basket for pretend picnics, real picnics, pretend shopping, a baby doll bed, a baby doll carrier, car trip snacks, car trip toys, trick or treating and as their ‘back-up’ Easter basket “just in case the Easter Bunny leaves too many eggs and surprises,” we were informed.  I’m sure the list of uses goes on as this really is the prettiest little useful basket around for all ages. 


Woven by hand from Veta Vera grass, a tough type of grass also known as elephant grass, they are each unique and special - woven by weavers from the northern Bolga region of Ghana. The handles are wrapped with leather to reinforce their strength, and they are the perfect size for so many things, as you can see above, that this is a worthy investment of both  functionality and aesthetics.


  • 100% Natural Materials
  • Veta Vera Grass Basket
  • Leather Wrapped Handles
  • Hand-woven by Artisans
  • Multiple Uses
  • Plastic Free
  • Biodegradable


Taking care of this basket is as easy as turning on the water. If you ever need to reshape your basket, wet it with cool water and shape it with your hands. It’s easy and quick and really a little bit amazing. Then let it air dry untouched and once dry, it is good to go on new adventures.

We have found two ways to wet the basket, soaking it in a tub or sink for a few minutes works and is the way most people probably do, but we have also found that simply spraying the basket inside and out with a detachable shower head, then quickly shaping it with our hands and setting it aside to dry works just as well and is a bit less water wasteful. 

Natural Products

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