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Iwigara | Plant Book | Human-Plant Connections -  Ninth & Pine

Iwigara, The Kinship of Plants and People

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Iwigara, the Kinship of Plants and People by Enrique Salmon is a treasure trove of plant knowledge and it’s enduring history with people.

The belief that all life-forms are interconnected and share the same breath--known in the Rarámuri tribe as iwígara--has resulted in a treasury of knowledge about the natural world, passed down for millennia by native cultures.

Ethnobotanist Enrique Salmón builds on this concept of connection and highlights 80 plants revered by North America's indigenous peoples. Salmón teaches us the ways plants are used as food and medicine, the details of their identification and harvest, their important health benefits, plus their role in traditional stories and myths.

Discover in these pages how the timeless wisdom of iwígara can enhance your own kinship with the natural world.



  • Iwigara, the Kinship of Plants and People
  • Written by Enrique Salmon.
  • Published by Timber Press, September 15, 2020.
  • 1.0" H x 9.1" L x 8.1" W (2.0 lbs) 248 pages
  • Hardcover