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Tracing Board - Alphabet + Numbers + Shapes

Tracing Board - Alphabet + Numbers + Shapes

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Introduce your child to this double-sided wooden alphabet tracing board with 26 upper case letters on one side and shapes with numbers zero through nine on the other side. Tracing boards help children with dexterity and writing skills. Children can trace these carved wooden boards with their fingers or with the included wooden stylus.

In addition to strengthening their writing muscles and practicing the motions of letter shape formation, this tracing board helps with hand-eye coordination and can head your child towards automaticity skills in writing. This board can also be used for learning letter recognition by younger children or pretend play by older children who love to play school and “teacher.”


As a previous early childhood teacher, I can attest to the importance of mimicking shapes with fingers. Not only is using a finger on the board beneficial, so is practicing in the air in front of them, especially if the “air drawings” of letters cross a child’s midline. Your child can use the board as a reference and copy the shape in the air in front of them and then act out the shape with their body. They can walk the shape out on the floor, create the shape from dough, find the shape on a nature walk, collect nature materials to come back and create the shapes....but this board is an important component. It's one of the ingredients in the bigger recipe of learning letters. 

This board contains 26 upper case letters on one side. The backside contains numbers 0-9 with circle, square, and triangle shapes.


  • Alphabet Wooden Tracing Board
  • Recommended age group 3-6 years
  • Made from maple wood
  • Handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Dimensions (cm): 35 x 29 x 2
  • Weight: 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs)



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