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Me Mother Earth

Soap Tray for Bar Soap

Soap Tray for Bar Soap

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Protect your zero waste soap bars with this wooden soap tray. Use these wooden soap trays in the shower, at the bathroom sink and kitchen sink, in the laundry room for your laundry spot treatment bars, and at the utility sink.

Bar soaps last longer thanks to the design of this soap deck. The slats allow air flow to flow around the soap and two wooden “feet” underneath are attached at right angles to help elevate the deck and increase airflow underneath. The soap deck is coated in a biodegradable natural plant varnish to help extend its life and has the bottom two slats attached with tiny metallic tacks (remove tacks before composting). 



  • Me Mother Earth
  • Minimal design style
  • Wooden Soap Tray
  • Concave-shaped, Slatted Soap Tray
  • Wood & Natural Plant Varnish
  • 4.5”x 3 1/8
  • Compostable 



SHIPS FROM Washington State, Pacific NW, U. S. A.



Me Mother Earth is a husband and wife team local to Las Vegas. Alberto is originally from Rio, Brazil. Amanda grew up in Washington state. As a couple who love to travel, they have been fortunate to see some of the most beautiful places on our Mother Earth. But also witnessed first hand how our world’s “throw away” culture is devastating the planet.

Amanda and Alberto believe in the concept of progress, not perfection, and feel every individual has the ability to make an impact. By swapping to earth-friendly products, they believe we can help reduce plastic waste, send a clear message to corporate polluters, and provide a cleaner planet for all.

Me Mother Earth only uses 3rd party vetted-certified manufacturers for fair labor, safety and working conditions. 


Natural Products

Many items on our site are handmade from natural products or produced in small batches from natural products. Due to this, each one may be unique, sizes are approximate and special care may need to be taken for some items (i.e. occasionally rubbing your wooden products with a plant based oil or a natural wax).

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