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Wool Yarn, Undyed - Small Farm Raised, 100% Wool

Wool Yarn, Undyed - Small Farm Raised, 100% Wool

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Our undyed wool yarn comes from a small 8-acre farm tucked away in the hills of Escondido just outside San Diego county. Here our textile artist lives and gives hospice to a small herd of alpacas and Navajo churro sheep.

This fiber has been sheared and spun by hand and is undyed and untreated- perfect for you to try out dyeing with—we recommend natural plant dyes! 


Navajo churros are the best fiber sheep for the hot, dry, shrubby environment in Escondido. They are tolerant of the heat and woody terrain while producing beautiful long fibers that the Navajo people would traditionally use for their handwoven rugs.


Natural Color of this wool is light grayish tan.
This Fiber Content is 100% Navajo Churro wool. 
Best for tapestries and rugs. 



  • Navajo Churro Sheep’s Wool
  • Sheep raised, sheared and wool spun into yarn—all by hand—in Escondido, Southern California
  • Put-up: 50g (40 yards or 120 feet)
  • Put-up: 100g (80 yards or 240 feet)
  • Sport weight
  • Undyed and untreated
  • Long Fibers
  • Best for tapestry, rugs, and blanket weaving 
  • Ready to take dye
  • Made in the USA by a woman owned and run small business on a small farm



We love and use foraged or gardened plant materials, such as chamomile, calendula, marigolds, Japanese indigo, black hollyhocks, Hopi Sunflowers, Hopi Amaranth, Hibiscus petals, and even Onion Skins, Avocado Skins and Pits, Blueberries that are starting to go soft and so on. You may need a mordant with most and should research your choices for mordant type, color fastness and so on, but can usually use food friendly mordants, such as alum, with many natural dyes. 

There are also many dye kits available on Etsy for natural plant dyes that include the mordant if needed (or tell you where to find it). Read the reviews and product descriptions carefully!

PACKAGING IS plastic free

SHIPS FROM Washington State, Pacific Northwest, USA

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Many items on our site are handmade from natural products or produced in small batches from natural products. Due to this, each one may be unique, sizes are approximate and special care may need to be taken for some items (i.e. occasionally rubbing your wooden products with a plant based oil or a natural wax).

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