Tangie Laundry Bundle - Ninth & Pine
Tangie Laundry Kit - Ninth & Pine
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Laundry Bundle

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This low-waste kit is perfect when you want to green your laundry routine towards a more zero-waste lifestyle. No plastic containers and no plastic packaging to dispose of. All-natural laundry care will clean your life, not dirty the environment.



  • Plastic free laundry soap
  • Water-free stain remover--Great for travel!
  • Laundry dispenser lid is handmade in New York from reclaimed wood.
  • Laundry paste safe for all washing machines, including High-Efficiency
  • Stain Remover is water free, color safe, and safe for delicates
  • Auto-Dispensing Washing Machines: set machine at 3x concentrate




This kit contains one of each of the following products:

With minimal packaging, the Laundry Concentrate works on your clothes, bedding, carpets, drapes, kid and pet messes. This amazing little bar of laundry soap concentrate is all-natural, and you will get up to 256 loads out of this one, little bar! The Tangie zero waste laundry detergent is a paste-to-liquid concentrate you dissolve at home using your own water and your own container. You can dissolve the entire bar in a gallon of water or cut the bar into halves, fourths or eights and dissolve smaller amounts at a time as needed. Finally a plastic-free, zero-waste laundry soap!

This Stain Remover Bar is a perfect addition to your laundry routine. Our powerful, water-free stain remover bar works like magic on your toughest stains. Rid your clothes of grass stains to ink stains and lots of in-between-stains! Stains happen when we least expect them, be ready, and be prepared with this Tangie powerful zero-waste Stain Remover Bar.

This dispenser lid is too handy not to use! The cap measures one-ounce of liquid, making it easy to measure the right amount you need per load. The handy wooden laundry soap dispenser lid fits any regular size canning jar neck. Handmade from reclaimed wood, it makes a beautiful addition to your laundry room. Glass jars are more beautiful than plastic and can be endlessly recycled, unlike plastics.